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Suzuki Events

Suzuki Method puts emphasis away from competition of some traditional methods . Our aim is cooperation and support towards each other hence all our events are inclusive and non selective. From studio concerts, regional events, national workshops, summer schools, international exchanges and international gala at the Royal Albert Hall. Please use the drop down list for the events we organise ourselves or click the links below for other workshops and events.

National Children workshop April 2024

International Piano Workshop July 2024 Poland

Temple Dinsley Summer School August 2024

Bryanston International Summer School

Jazz Workshop / Junior Jazz



The jazz workshop group sessions are run by Mat Sibley and cover jazz improvisation and ensemble playing for all instruments, ages and abilities. 
They are an enjoyable way of learning jazz techniques alongside other like-minded individuals. 


Please click below to hear the group in action: 
Specific groups for beginners / children are also available subject to demand. 





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