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Piano group lessons

In the addition to our individual lessons we organise regular group sessions which are an essential part of our programme.

We learn the skill of playing together, active listening to others and working as a team.

We play listening games, theory and sight reading games.

All activities are carefully prepared for the group and tailored to the age and ability of the group.

Group sessions are extremely important in  musical education. They build confidence In public performance, children learn better having a practical activity, they learn from each other and also make new friends. 

To some parties we invite special guests to show us some new skills​

Jazz Workshop / Junior Jazz



The jazz workshop group sessions are run by Mat Sibley and cover jazz improvisation and ensemble playing for all instruments, ages and abilities. 
They are an enjoyable way of learning jazz techniques alongside other like-minded individuals. 


Please click below to hear the group in action: 
Specific groups for beginners / children are also available subject to demand. 





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